Just because we didn’t make something, doesn’t mean we don’t use it. Below is a list of brands and products we love, use, trust and frankly, wish we thought of first.


  • Garmin

    The leader in wearables and GPS navigation products for active outdoor lifestyles.

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  • Pale Blue

    Long lasting, rechargeable AA and AAA batteries.

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  • DECKED X Uncharted D-Bag

    The ultimate truck bed survival kit in a weatherproof hard case.

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  • Peak Refuel

    Our favorite freeze-dried food to pack for long adventures. Good and good for you.

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  • Duration Health Med Kit

    Prescribed medications delivered to your door before your travels.

  • Slishman Pressure Wrap

    A multi-use adjustable bandage that doubles as a pressure wrap and user-friendly tourniquet.

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  • OTEC Aer Cervical Collar

    Using the latest technology in cervical spinal immobilization, Otec has created a light-weight neck brace for off-the-grid injuries. 

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  • Goal Zero Solar Panel

    The Nomad 10 Watt panel gives you the solar collecting capability needed to charge your phone anywhere the sun shines.

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  • POM Pepper Spray

    Discreet, keychain-ready pepper spray for self defense.

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  • Protekt Products

    Supplements designed by world-class athletes to supercharge your hydration, energy, rest, and immunity.

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  • Klean Freak

    Single use body wipes infused with amazing, natural ingredients and conveniently packaged for the on-the-go individual.

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  • Maui Nui

    Wild-harvested Venison Jerky from the Axis Deer on Maui.

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  • Adventure Imports

    A boutique overland distribution company specializing in authentic, original products.

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