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The Seventy2: Expert Reviewed. Expert Loved.

This $350 bag will keep you alive.
...the team behind the SEVENTY2 set out to make the ultimate go bag by asking experts -- survivalists, military, climbers and medical pros -- which supplies or information were most important to include.
It's the perfect bug-out bag.
clear and simple instructions to help even the most novice person get through a tough situation.
Considering everything that comes with it, that seems like a small price to pay to be prepared for virtually anything.
This bag will save your life. Hope it ships Tuesday.
...everything that you could possibly need to live.
Survive the first 72 hours.

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experience: the best teacher

Uncharted Supply Company was founded by a community of adventurers and philanthropists. We've traveled the world and through these travels, we've learned that the world, while beautiful, is not always a safe place. Our goal is to build products and services to keep people safe and protected, and to educate families, friends and communities on personal preparedness. After all, what is good for one, is good for all. And we're all in this together.

All for one. One for all.

The only way through anything, is working together.  We recently gave away $20,000 in jackets to our nation's homeless. Learn more how you can help.

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