The Right Gear and Expert Knowledge to Live Prepared for Anything.

Uncharted Supply Co. makes technical survival gear with integrated expert knowledge to turn potentially deadly situations into manageable ones. 

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Uncharted Supply Co. empowers people with the proper gear and education to
guide them back to safety in an unanticipated event, and provides the peace of mind that comes from being prepared for anything.

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The SEVENTY2™ Survival System Proved its Appeal and Worth on Shark Tank.

Being Prepared with a Survival System is your Lifeline to Safety.

You can’t be fully prepared for whatever comes your way unless you’ve done your homework--like Uncharted Supply Co. has. Because when you’re fully prepared to handle an emergency situation you can think clearly and have in informed answer to “what next?” Being prepared means you can confidently guide the situation toward a better outcome. And with natural emergencies showing no signs of decline, the risk of not being prepared can quickly snap into focus. A survival system, like the SEVENTY2™, is designed to help you stay alive through unexpected emergency situations like an earthquake, a wildfire, or any event that leaves you without access to life-saving resources like food, water, shelter and supplies. It’s your lifeline to safety and the peace of mind to keep living your life while being prepared with an integrated system designed to save it.

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The SEVENTY2™ Survival System

95% of all survival situations are resolved within 72 hours. What you do with that time is what matters. The SEVENTY2™ Survival System: the world’s first fully integrated survival system designed to guide you safely through any unexpected emergency situation.

1 Person Survival System



The Hideaway

The Hideaway is a weather-resistant windbreaker unlike any windbreaker you’ve ever owned. Made of ripstop waterproof nylon, strategically placed panels throughout the jacket are designed to accept any type of insulation, turning it into a puffy, insulated coat.




How To Survive a Hurricane

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