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The message stared back at me in my Instagram DM’s : “I believe everything you’re saying about the world becoming more dangerous. What product should I buy?”

Yes, we build products at Uncharted. Products that have saved lives around the world. It would have been easy to point to our Seventy2 Pro and move on… but to tell someone that buying one product would be the complete answer would be dangerously dishonest.

Are they fit enough to move on foot if needed? Do they know how to change a car tire? Can they start a fire?

Preparedness is more than one answer. But how could I quantify this and share the knowledge I’d acquired with others to help their situation?

This led me down a long path with my friend Travis Haley. Travis is a legendary Force Recon Marine, and one of my smartest, most experienced friends. We sat down and developed The Four Pillars.


The four pillars newsletter will provide you four tips each week, one for each pillar, written by our expert friends and staff. Some skills you may already have, and some you may not. Our goal is not to overwhelm you with information, but instead make you a little bit more prepared each week by accumulating knowledge, recommending products, developing skills, and helping you be ready for anything.

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