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Stephen M.
United States United States
Great - Not Perfect

Took this out on a rainy PNW morning for the first time. I had it and a kayak paddle strapped to my backpack and didn’t even notice they were there. It is definitely very light and packable. It’s easy to inflate but when I’ve experimented with it at home and in the field, it ended up taking about 60 seconds of inflation through the little blow tube. I have not been able to get it to fill up initially more than that. It floated just fine and was fairly easy to maneuver through a small pond. I did notice that my butt sank fairly far down into the water which made it challenging to get over logs 4-5” under the surface that I could have easily gone over with a non-inflatable kayak. I’m about 160 lbs. The water was also very cold on my butt and I could not feel it after a couple of minutes. Those are minor issues that are not really avoidable given the main purpose and construction of this boat. I did notice that the air slowly leaked out and I ended up having to inflate it about 30 minutes into an hour long paddle because it was getting pretty soft. I did my best to keep sharp edges when I was rolling up the end but I wonder if there’s some special technique to prevent the air from leaking out quite so quickly? Overall it definitely seems like it has a niche on longer hunts were crossing rivers or lakes would be desirable for packing out meat down the river. If I was going to go duckhunting or on a longer fishing or hunting trip on a body of water that had ready access by road I would probably take my plastic kayak. It’s a cool little gadget to having the gear closet and will definitely come in handy. Other similar packrafts run $700+ which is hard to justify for my purposes.

Uncharted Supply Company Rapid Raft Review
Yassin M.
Canada Canada

Super stoked. This thing is out of this world 5/5 for sure. I have another pack raft, its decent, but this blows it out of the park in all aspects. It folds into itself beautifully and is super compact, fits virtually anywhere and can handle quite a beating. I make portagers look like they're living in the 1800's while I'm in 2050 with this thing in my pocket. I fit myself, my girlfriend, and both our bags on this raft and it took us across lakes no problem. Highly recommend this to anyone, every family should own at least one raft and this is the one to get. Its incredible as well that you can stuff some gear inside of the raft for really long trips and what not, just make sure to use proper stuff sacks just in case. All in all this has been the best purchase of 2020 and has made the pandemic a wonderful time for me to go out into the wild and explore areas I wouldn't otherwise have had access to. Check out their other products as well, the Zues is also one of their must haves. Thank you Uncharted Supply Co!

Daniel S.
You brought a boat?!?!

The last few reactions I've had from hiking buddies when I inflate the raft at the end of a day's hiking and tool around in the lake have been priceless. "You carried a boat for two days, just to float around the lake after a hard day's hike?" I've taken my raft on 2 backcountry hikes and camping with the family so far. I'll have it with me next week on another 4 day trip as well to a couple of off-trail lakes in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness. It's been a blast to pull it out at the end of a days hiking, float on the lake and catch my dinner. I caught 6 fish from the raft in half hour while the guys fishing from shore never even got a bite. There's a bit of a trick to make sure there aren't creases as you roll the water-proof air scoop, but other than initial deflation due to water temp being colder than the ambient air I rarely have had to use the top off valve. Thanks for a fun product!

Peter M.
Great for E-Bike touring

I haven't used this device yet, but it fits nicely on my E-Bike without increasing too much its weight and provides a convenient mean to cross rivers and ponds without damaging the electric circuitry (use tent footprint to protect the fabric of the boat). Turned upside down, it can also provide a waterproof shelter for the bike or its pilot. And some fishing or rafting can be part of the fun. This is a must have for e-bike travelers !

Raft review

I bought two rafts just before a trip into the Unita Mountains of Utah in June. Only one was sent and to get the other one I had to prove the box I received was only big enough to hold one. Luckily they were able to send the second one just in time for the trip. The rafts were great although being 6' 1" I wish they were slightly larger but then of course they would weigh more. The location of the inflation tube is awkward for adding air while you are in the raft. It's just too far back to reach unless you are as flexible as Gumby and you must be able to add air periodically while using. What we did was I blew up my girlfriends raft and she did mine while we were along side each other out on the water.