Best Survival Backpack & Bug Out Bag of 2019
March 20, 2019
Best Survival Backpack & Bug Out Bag of 2019

Disaster can strike at any moment. You might have to evacuate your home due to a powerful storm or flooding. An earthquake could leave you without access to power. Or, you could stranded in the wilderness, and you’ll have to survive until rescuers find you. If you want to keep yourself and your loved ones safe during these scenarios, a quality survival bag is a necessity.

A survival bag, also known as a bug-out bag, should be tough and ergonomic. It should also be capable of storing all the supplies you’ll need to last a few days without easy access to food, shelter, and water. Uncharted produces one of the best bug out bags you can buy: the Seventy2™ Survival System. Let’s dive into this survival kit and discover why the Seventy2 is one of the best survival bags of 2019.


First and foremost, your survival bag needs to be extremely durable. In a survival situation, chances are you won’t be camped out somewhere that’s sheltered and cozy. You could be exposed for several hours or days in rugged terrain and inhospitable weather. Your bag needs to be able to endure these conditions so it can protect the supplies you’re carrying.

Let’s discuss the essential qualities of your survival bag’s design, as demonstrated by the Seventy2.


A survival bag should be tough to enough to endure:

  • High temperatures
  • Cold temperatures
  • Prolonged exposure to sunlight
  • Water, snow, and hail
  • Rough terrain with rock and dirt
  • Collisions against brush and hard objects
  • Heavy handling and dropping
  • Weight of the supplies being carried within

The Seventy2 survival backpack is made from 600D tarpaulin. “600D” refers to “Denier,” which is a unit of measurement that’s used to measure the thickness of a fabric. A 600D material a high-degree of thickness and is incredibly durable.

We crafted the Seventy2 through one-piece construction. The entire shell is made from a single piece of 600D tarpaulin, which enhances its durability. Multi-piece bags should be avoided. When your bag has several parts that are sewn together, you have more vulnerable seams that could potentially come undone with excessive use. Through one-piece construction, we kept the number of seams to a minimum. And we’ve tightly sealed the few seams that we do have.


The most durable materials tend to be heavier. For obvious reasons, you can’t carry around a steel backpack in disaster situations. A backpack made of steel would be enormously heavy, especially when you stuff it with emergency supplies. It probably wouldn’t be the most comfortable backpack to carry, either.

The ideal survival bag would be made of material that’s strong, but lightweight. Remember, you may have to carry your bug-out bag for hours during a survival situation. It can’t be so heavy that it’ll wear you down and zap your energy.

A survival backpack might not seem heavy when it’s empty, but it can get significantly heavier once you will it with your emergency supplies. Many people forget to account for their supplies.

The Seventy2 survival bag is only 11.5 pounds—and that’s with the emergency supplies stored inside.

Padded Straps

It’s important that your survival bag has padded straps. Both the shoulder straps and the waist straps should have cushioning.

If you’re evacuating your home or navigating through the wilderness, you may have to carry your bug out bag for hours upon hours, mile after mile. Without padded straps, the backpack may begin to hurt your shoulders and cause rashes. Integrated cushioning will protect your shoulders and waist, while also making the bag more comfortable to carry.

The Seventy2 survival bag has ample cushioning in both the shoulders and waist straps. But that’s not all. The shoulder straps and back portion are ventilated. They won’t cause your back or shoulders to become overheated, even after hours of wearing.


It’s essential that your survival bag be waterproof. Many disaster scenarios involve water: large storms, hurricanes, blizzards, and floods, to name a few. You can’t afford to have your bag damaged by wet weather conditions or by bodies of water you come into contact with. Bags that aren’t waterproof will allow water to seep through the material and damage your supplies.

The 600D tarpaulin material on the Seventy2 is waterproof, so you can tread through rainy conditions without worry that your supplies are at risk. In fact, you can actually swim with the Seventy2. The airtight construction allows you to use the bag as a flotation device if you find yourself in water.

Hydration Sleeve

Hydration sleeves are an overlooked feature on bug out bags. Many people are concerned with carrying water inside the bag, and they don’t realize that they might need water while they’re trekking. It’s important to carry water where you can easily reach it so that it doesn’t slow down your pace.

If you’re evacuating on foot, for example, you need to keep up a good pace so that you can get far away from the disaster area. If you have to stop and retrieve water from the inside of the bag, you’re slowing yourself down and preventing yourself from getting to a safe destination as quickly as possible. Speed is important in these scenarios, and that’s why your survival bag should have sleeves on the outside to hold water bottles.

Our Seventy2 bug out bag has a hydration sleeve that’s adjustable, so you can fit any-sized water bottle snuggly within the pouch. You won’t have to worry about your water bottle falling out, even if you’re hiking through a rugged environment.


Visibility is another important feature that’s overlooked. Your bag should have features that make you visible in low light conditions. When you’re walking alongside a road at night, there should be reflective features on the bag that make you visible to oncoming drivers. If you’re stranded or lost, there should be bright colors on the bag to make you more visible to potential rescuers.

The Seventy2 survival bag has bright colors and reflective materials to make you visible. We incorporated bright red pouches on the shell, and there’s a red band on the shoulder strap, too. We have materials on the front and back side of the survival backpack that are reflective.


Your survival bag must have a large storage capacity so you can fit as many supplies inside as possible . Storage is one of the most important qualities of a bug out bag, but it’s also one of the most difficult to assess.

What sets the Seventy2 bag apart is that we’ve integrated extra storage spaces on the outside of the bag. You’ll find pouches on both the waist straps and the face of the bag so that you can keep essential items within arm’s reach. The shoulder straps enable you to mount gear, like flashlights.

Survival Gear

A well-built backpack won’t help you much if you don’t stock it with the right survival gear. You need to pack a variety of supplies that can keep you alive for a few days until you regain access to food and shelter.

Not only is the Seventy2 designed to accommodate all your gear, but it actually comes included with all the essentials you’ll need in a survival scenario. Like any good survival bag, it’s stocked with:

  • Food and Water
  • First Aid
  • Tools
  • Shelter Materials
  • Electronics

Your bag should also be impeccably organized so it won’t take you long to find an item when you need it.


You should try and fit as many different supplies into your bug out bag as possible, but that doesn’t mean you should throw them in there haphazardly. The better organized your bag, the better. There may be situations when you need to retrieve an item from your bag quickly, like if someone needs emergency first aid or water. If your bag isn’t organized, you’ll lose precious moments trying to find those items. A disorganized bag also makes it harder for you to keep track of supply levels.

We designed the Seventy2 bag with organization in mind. You can store all of your supplies within one insert that can easily be removed from the backpack. All the supplies are organized into their own clearly labelled pouches so you’ll know exactly where to look to retrieve any item. Our insert is expertly designed to keep the inside of your survival kit free of clutter.


Food and Water

Food and water are the essentials of life, and they’re a must-have in your survival backpack. The Seventy2 Survival System features all-natural high-calorie bars that have a 5-year shelf life. They’re sub-packaged to make food rationing easier. We’ve also included a collapsible water bottle, a water filter, a water syringe, and a water bottle that comes marked with measurements.

First Aid

A first aid kit is another survival bag essential. We’ve included a first aid kit with the Seventy2 that features band-aids, gauze, disinfectant wipes, sunscreen, splints, anti-bacterial wipes, and more. Our first aid kit will help you treat and prevent minor injuries and infections.


You should have a basic selection of hand tools in your disaster kit. But many people forgo these supplies because they’re not sure what tools to stock. In the Seventy2, we’ve included duct tape, a multi-use paracord, a convertible shovel/pickaxe, and the ever-useful multi-tool. We’ve also included an air filtration mask and goggles to protect your eyes and your lungs. You’ll have everything you need to establish a temporary shelter and to make important alterations to your surrounding environment.

For more information on basic sheltering skills, visit


In many survival scenarios, you’ve lost access to basic shelter. You might be stranded outdoors for hours or days. We’ve stocked our survival backpack with basic supplies that’ll keep you warm in cold weather, or that will protect you from the heat.

There’s a thermal survival tent that’ll protect you from the elements, and it’s reflective. There’s also a thermal space blanket, heat packs, gloves, a warm hat, and fire starting items.


Just because you don’t have access to electricity, doesn’t mean you can’t include electronic devices. The Seventy2 survival kit has a flashlight and a 3-in-1 radio, which functions as a radio, phone charger, and USB charger. The 3-in-1 is powered by a hand crank.

A survival backpack just might be the most important bag that you ever pack. A well-built and well-stocked bug out back could be the difference between life and death. We’re proud to offer our Seventy2 Survival System. Our bug-out bag has solid build with tough materials. You won’t find a more comfortable, more ergonomic, or more organized way to store the supplies you’ll need in a survival situation. The Seventy2 truly is the best survival backpack you can buy in 2019.