Survival Backpack


Our new flop-free hip pack will be your favorite summer companion.


“Holy Sh!t!” - actual customer review.

Believe it or not, we’ve actually gotten quite used to this kind of feedback. The Zeus is a life-changer, and an indispensable tool that should be in every vehicle. It’ll start just about anything with an engine, power your devices, and light up the night.


This is the World’s Best 2 Person Survival Kit. But don’t just take our word for it. There’s a reason it’s chosen by government agencies around the world, professional security teams and countless private citizens. The Seventy2 Pro is the highest quality, most complete kit available.


“This kit is outstanding.”

“….quality oozed out of The First Aid Plus, all in a waterproof pouch that is first class as well….”

Our goal was to reset the bar when it comes to personal first aid kits. Waterproof, organized, and packed full of quality supplies, nothing comes close to the First Aid Plus.


We always loved the IDEA of a hip pack, but hated the flop, the poor fit, and the minimal ability to actually carry anything. So we spent 2 years building a kit that we could use biking, running, hiking, fishing and hunting. Waterproof, cavernous and - you guessed it - zero flop, make this your new favorite piece of kit for fast pursuits in any environment.

Trusted By Professionals

  • Julian Carr

    Pro Skier, Founder of
    I use this thing all the time. Seriously solid piece of kit that never fails. Thanks Zeus!
    - Julian Carr
  • Billy Demong

    Olympic Gold Medalist, Father
    As a father, a youth coach and an everyday outdoorsman the Triage is an essential piece of gear that’s with me all the time whether in my truck or on me in my Park Pack.
    - Billy Demong
  • Skip Bedell

    Preparedness Expert on Fox
    The Seventy2 is color coordinated to guide you in making the right decisions when adrenaline spikes and you’re not sure what to do. I keep one in my RV all the time.
    - Skip Bedell

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