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Our products are designed to save your life. We refuse to cut corners.

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Our net promoter score is 82, higher than brands like Apple, Patagonia, REI and American Express.

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Our average product rating is 4.9 Stars.

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Our customers include the FBI, CIA, Nike, Facebook, and hundreds of professional organizations around the world.


Most emergency situations are resolved within 72 hours. Our survival kits contain 72 hours worth of professional-grade supplies to keep you and your family alive until help arrives. Packed and organized into a weatherproof case, your gear will be ready for use at a moments notice.


Jump Starters & Chargers

The Zeus Pro is a portable jump-starter that can start your battery without the use of another vehicle. Each unit jumps a car 5+ times with a single charge, and fits in your glovebox. Additional USB ports allow for charging your phone or computer on the go.

First Aid Kits

We've focused on creating durable, weather resistant first aid kits to keep supplies clean and accessible in any environment. Each kit includes hand-picked medical essentials organized and labeled for simplicity. We've also included tools for gear repair and additional supplies for long-term survival situations.


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