WB Crank Radio

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  • A combination smartphone charger, flashlight and emergency tri-band radio.  
  • The multifunction radio is easily charged via DC power via USB cable, solar power, or by hand crank.  
  • Once charged, the radio will charge most other smartphones or other devices via a USB cable.

Built To Carry.

Durable attachments points and removable straps increase the shell's carrying capacity. Strap on your fishing rod, raft, extra jacket, or even your skis, and adventure in comfort.

Waterproof & Airtight.

The Seventy2 Pro shell's roll top seal can hold in air, transforming the bag into a floatation device in an emergency.

Comfortable & Durable.

Padded hip straps, an adjustable chest strap and breathable lining make this dry bag wearable during your adventures. The taurpalin exterior can withstand the impact of sticks, rocks, mud or sweat to keep your gear safe.

WB Crank Radio