Meet the Unexpected Heroes in your Liquor Cabinet
January 10, 2024 | Christian Schauf
Meet the Unexpected Heroes in your Liquor Cabinet

Remember that TV show MacGyver? Always using the most unlikely of heroes to save the day.  A paper clip, a ski pole, a piece of fabric.  As far as I can remember, there was one family of heroes he never used, and should have.  Maybe it was conservative TV from a previous generation, but we’re going to address it now: The beloved spirits sitting on the top shelf might just be more than a party starter – they could be your survival secret weapon. 

Now, I'm not suggesting you swap a water bottle out with a vodka bottle, but let's raise a glass to the surprising ways alcohol can come to the rescue:

Vodka: The Swiss Army Knife of Spirits

Ah, vodka, the chameleon of the liquor cabinet. Beyond making killer martinis, this clear elixir has more tricks up its sleeve than Houdini. Need a disinfectant in a pinch? Vodka's high alcohol content can help sanitize wounds, clean surfaces, or even act as a mouthwash if desperate times call for desperate measures. It might not taste like Listerine, but it gets the job done. 

Whiskey: Fire Starter Extraordinaire

Imagine you're stranded in the wild, the temperature's dropping faster than your phone battery, and you need a fire – stat! Enter whiskey, the smoky, caramel-colored hero. Its high alcohol content can be a handy fire starter, helping ignite a flame when you're in dire need of warmth. Plus, a nip might just take the edge off that survival stress.

Rum: Medicinal Marvel

Beyond being the lifeblood of pirates, rum has historical ties to medicine. In a pinch, it can serve as an anesthetic or disinfectant. Plus, when mixed with certain ingredients like honey, lemon, or warm water, it can create makeshift remedies for sore throats or coughs. Just remember, moderation is key.  Oh and another, rum can actually work as an insect repellent when applied to the skin. 

Wine: Multipurpose Elixir

Red, white, rosé – wine's versatility extends beyond complementing a fine meal. Need a mild antiseptic for a minor wound? Red wine with its antimicrobial properties might do the trick. White wine can help clean surfaces or even act as a stain remover (though we don't recommend wasting good wine on that red wine spill on the carpet).

Beer: Hydration Hero

Ah, the humble beer, beloved by many for its refreshing qualities. In emergency situations, its low alcohol content and high water content make it a decent hydration alternative when clean water isn't readily available.  Beer also contains a relatively high amount of carbohydrates (read energy), and even vitamins like folate, niacin, riboflavin, and minerals like potassium, magnesium, and phosphorus.  Plus, it's a morale booster – sharing a cold one around a campfire can lift spirits faster than you can say "cheers!"

A Toast to Caution

Alcohol should never be a primary solution in emergencies, and its consumption must be well within safe limits. Always prioritize safety and seek professional medical help when available. 

So, while you might raise an eyebrow at the idea of alcohol being a survival tool, there's no denying its utility. 

Here's to staying safe, staying prepared, and maybe raising a glass to the unexpected heroes in our liquor cabinets. Cheers!

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