We Believe in Community, Preparation, and the Power of Working Together
September 30, 2016
We Believe in Community, Preparation, and the Power of Working Together

Humans are survivors. From natural disasters to animals to invading armies, we’ve stood in the face of adversity for thousands of years and overcome.  But as time has marched on, life has grown easier and safer…it’s been generations since we’ve had to worry those monsters that keep us up at night.

But times are changing.  With populations booming in large cities, and natural disasters and terrorist attacks increasing at an alarming rate, humans have new monsters to consider.  New things to protect and prepare against, and new environments to survive - no matter your lifestyle or location.

Yet no matter how different we are from each other, we share one thing: We are all living on this big spinning blue ball at the same time in history.  And history has shown that the most likely way to get through anything - to fight off the monsters - is through the power of working together.

While Charles Darwin is famously quoted as promoting “Survival of the fittest”, he actually spent a majority of his time preaching the power of community. Whether it was hunting wooly mammoths, or farming crops, true progression has happened when communities of people worked together to accomplish goals greater than themselves.

Even the Dalai Lama agrees. In a recent interview, he admitted his singular goal in life was to “create oneness of seven billion people”.

We are all in this together.