Slishman Pressure Wrap


We're often asked why we don't include a tourniquet in our survival systems. In short, it's because a tourniquet can cause further injury when not used properly. And most people haven't been trained to use one. 

The Slishman Pressure Wrap was created to make applying a tourniquet or pressure bandage simpler for an untrained user. 

Using the wrap is intuitive - apply direct pressure and wrap around the wound. If too much pressure is applied, the wrap can be easily adjusted as to not make the injury worse. 

The Slishman can also be more easily applied one-handed, allows a much broader application use as a pressure bandage for a more longitudinal arm or leg laceration, and allows for placement of gauze underneath.  It can even be used to secure a splint in the event of a fracture.

Order does not come with neoprene case (displayed in video).

Slishman Pressure Wrap