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Donald F.
United States

I received the charger on the same day I needed to take a company vehicle out for errands. it was dead and the Zeus started it up no problem.

Andrew D.
United States
You need this.

I should've taken advantage of the early black friday sale when I had the chance to equip the rest of my family with the Zeus, but I am so glad I got one for myself. Living in the city I come across many people who need a jump in a parking lot or on the street. So glad I can hook this bad boy up and assist rather than having to pull my car next to them (which isn't do-able most times due to an occupied parking lot or a busy street). The phone charger works well as well. It obviously won't charge quickly if you're still using it while charging, but when you're on a hike or out on the water, this is a perfect tool to get your devices some juice to keep that playlist going and keep that camera running. My wife and I also travel from Orange County through the open plains of Central California every other weekend to visit the in-laws and it's very reassuring to know that if we needed so jump start our car after accidentally leaving a light on or just being able to keep some juice in our phone batteries in those remote areas, we can do so, efficiently. You guys are on top of your game. Great job!

Bryan L.
United States
Ordered 4 more Zeus for stockings

they work so good, I'm getting them for the rest of the family cars. Again, thanks to Bobby for the great customer service from Uncharted Supply Co..

Bill T.
United States
Works as Promised!!

We were out dog training last week and one of our members truck failed to start. I broke out the Zeus for the first time and the truck started up on the first try. We were both really impressed. I'm glad it's in my truck and the Zeus gets a thumbs up from me. Thanks!

Bryan L.
United States
Works as advertised!!!!

I had to use the Zeus a few days after I received it... IO have a few vehicles that don't get driven enough. I went to start one and of course, after sitting for 3 months , no start... hit it with the Zeus and 1 turn of the key, it fired right up. Drove that vehicle to my storage where I keep a 55" Chevy Bel Air.. it was about 7 months since it has been started, and the Zeus had it running instantly... Love the Zeus, I will be getting 3 more for my wife and 2 boys! Another great product from Uncharted Supply. Thanks again to Bobby Armijo for the great customer service!