The Essential Survival Tool: Why Every Household Should Own an Electric Generator
July 01, 2024 | Christian Schauf
The Essential Survival Tool: Why Every Household Should Own an Electric Generator

With natural disasters, aging infrastructure, and growing power demands, the grid is becoming increasingly unreliable. An often overlooked yet essential tool for survival and preparedness in many households is the electric generator. While it might seem expensive, here are several reasons why an electric generator is not just a luxury but a vital part of any comprehensive survival plan.

Maintaining Essential Functions

During a power outage, the first things to go are often the most essential: lights, refrigeration, and heating or cooling systems. An electric generator can keep these critical systems operational, ensuring that you have light, your food stays fresh, and your home remains at a livable temperature. This is especially important for households with young children, elderly family members, or individuals with health conditions that require temperature regulation or refrigerated medications.

Communication and Information Access

In times of crisis, staying informed is crucial. Power outages often lead to a loss of internet and phone services, leaving you cut off from vital news and emergency updates. With an electric generator, you can keep your communication devices charged and stay connected to the outside world. This can be a matter of life and death when you need to receive updates on evacuation orders or other critical information.

Food Preservation

One of the most immediate concerns during a prolonged power outage is food spoilage. Without electricity, refrigerators and freezers can only keep food safe for a limited time. An electric generator ensures that your food supply remains intact, reducing waste and providing peace of mind that you won't run out of essential provisions.

Medical Needs

For those who rely on medical equipment such as oxygen concentrators, CPAP machines, or refrigerated medications, an uninterrupted power supply is non-negotiable. An electric generator provides a reliable backup to keep these life-saving devices operational during a power outage.  And much like food, some medications, like insulin, need to be kept cool.

Home Security

A power outage can compromise your home's security systems, leaving you vulnerable to break-ins and other threats. An electric generator can keep your security cameras, alarms, and other safety systems running, providing an added layer of protection when you need it most.

Comfort and Morale

While survival is the primary goal, maintaining a sense of normalcy and comfort during a power outage can significantly impact morale. Simple things like being able to watch TV, cook a hot meal, or run a fan can make a world of difference in a stressful situation. An electric generator allows you to retain some of these comforts, helping to keep spirits high.

Why Electric Generators are Better than Gasoline-Powered Generators

Lastly, electric generators and gasoline-powered generators each have their own advantages.  That said, I like an electric generator for several reasons: 

  • Eco-Friendly: Electric generators, especially those powered by renewable sources like solar, have a much lower environmental impact compared to gasoline-powered generators. They produce no emissions, helping to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Noise Levels: Electric generators are typically much quieter than their gasoline counterparts. This can be a significant benefit in residential areas or during prolonged use when noise pollution can become a nuisance.
  • Fuel Supply: Gasoline can be difficult to store safely and may be in short supply during a widespread emergency. Electric generators, particularly solar-powered ones, do not rely on a constant fuel supply, making them more reliable in long-term situations.
  • Maintenance: Electric generators generally require less maintenance than gasoline-powered ones. There are no oil changes, spark plugs, or fuel stabilizers to worry about, which simplifies their upkeep.
  • Safety: Gasoline-powered generators pose a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning if not used properly. Electric generators eliminate this risk entirely, making them a safer option for indoor and outdoor use.

In today's world, where our reliance on electricity is greater than ever, having an electric generator as part of your emergency preparedness plan is a wise investment. It provides a reliable backup power source that can keep your household running smoothly during an outage, ensuring safety, comfort, and peace of mind. Plus, with the added benefits over gasoline-powered generators, electric generators offer a more sustainable, quiet, and low-maintenance solution. Don't wait for the next disaster to strike—take action now to secure your home's power needs and protect your loved ones.