Our Story

See why we decided to create the most comprehensive 72-hour survival system on the market.

About Us

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. That’s the mission we live as a community of adventurers and philanthropists. As we’ve traveled, we’ve seen there is beauty in the world, but it’s not always safe. Our mission is to prepare people for any adventure, big or small, so they can stay safe and keep exploring.

We can’t control what the world throws at us. But, when we’ve got everything we need, we’ll be ready for it.

Our Story

Uncharted Supply Company was founded to prepare any adventurer for unexpected survival situations. Situations that occur everyday, like earthquakes, floods, or even power outages. Our founder, Christian Schauf, started the company after driving through Colorado in the middle of a blizzard and seeing dozens of hapless motorists stranded on the side of the highway, hunkering down for a long, cold night. Though rescue teams were surely on the way, they were at the mercy of Mother Nature until those teams arrived.

There had to be a better way.

He couldn’t find an easy solution, so he created one: The SEVENTY2™ Survival System. A 72-hour survival kit that anybody could use in the event of a dangerous situation. Expert-tested and expert approved, out of this system Uncharted Supply Company was born. Now we are a team of adventurers and philanthropists bent on taking the worst case scenario and turning it into a somewhat-unpleasant-but-survivable scenario. Seems trivial, but that’s a big difference.

We’ll make sure everyone can explore confidently.