First Aid Kits

Uncharted Supply Co. first aid kits come in 4 sizes from the pocket-sized triage kit, to the first-aid plus which can be stored in your backpack or car.

First Aid Plus

Building on our first aid family is the First Aid Plus. It’s our First Aid Pro in a waterproof shell, molle attachments with the addition of several tools including our new multi-tool, flashlight, chem lights, stormproof matches, duct tape and anti-bacterial wipes.

Comprehensive First Aid Plus Tools, Waterproof shell

First Aid Pro

A perfect solution for your vehicle, campsite, home, or classroom. This compact bag features a robust collection of high quality first aid products in an extremely durable and stylish package. 

Comprehensive First Aid

First Aid Core

Designed by leading first aid experts to contain the essential first aid contents required for emergency situations, this little kit can help you save a life. Packaged under 200 grams, the First Aid Kit is water resistant, user friendly and invaluable in an emergency.

Fundamental First Aid

Triage Kit

We interviewed over 100 outdoor experts to understand what they carried with them on a daily basis. The result: a collection of first aid necessities packed into a water-resistant pouch that fits in your pocket.

Ultra Light