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Warmth Pocket Refill | THE SEVENTY2® Pro

Warmth Pocket Refill | THE SEVENTY2® Pro


  • Mylar Tent (1)
    • A reflective and waterproof survival tent provides basic protection from the elements for two adults.  Lightweight and compact.
  • Mylar Blanket (2)
    • Originally designed by NASA, waterproof and windproof, proven to insulate or reflect heat.  The blanket will protect you from heat and cold.  Lightweight and compact.
  • Uncharted Beanie (2)
    • Uncharted Supply Company beanie will keep your head warm.
  • Lined Textured Cold Weather Gloves (2 pair)
    • Acrylic thermal knit liner for warmth, water resistant, and durable textured nitrile palm for grip. 
  • Hand Warmers (4)
    • Heat Factory Large Hand/Body Warmers are air-activated, provide 20+ hours of gentle warmth, and fit easily in gloves, pockets or headwear.
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