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Battarix SOS Charge Card

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This credit card-sized battery pack comes ready to charge your phone when you don't have access to a power cord. Keep it in your wallet, car or emergency kit for an extra 3 hours of juice when you need it most. With an incredible 8-year shelf life, this charge card can sit unused until it's needed. Weighing under 30g, this card also makes an excellent addition in your backpacking bag or suitcase.

Universally compatible with iPhone and Android.


Standards: UN38.3, CE, FCC

Dimensions: 86x54x3.8mm

Nominal Capacity: 1600 mAh

Output: 5 VDC / 500mA

Weight: 27g

Long-term Storage and Reuse

Battarix power is immediately available for 8 years from date of purchase. With proper storage, you can reuse it again and again for a total of 3 hours of combined usage.

3 Simple Steps

1. Remove the Battarix from its package and insert the appropriate built-in adapter in to your phone charging port.

2. Remove the adhesive protector from the Battarix and adhere it to the back of your phone. Battarix will automatically begin transferring its power to your phone and maintain that power for up to 3 hours.

3. If for any reason you do not use the device for its full 3-hour capacity, simply push the charging adapter back into the Battarix and save it for future use.

Battarix SOS Charge Card