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Stephen Q.
United States United States

So far, I am very pleased with the pack. The biggest issue I have had is fitting everything in at one time. I ended up taking out the first aid kit as I couldn't fit the camera case in at the same time.

Jacob S.
My Daily Use Backpack!

I have been using this backpack almost every day for over a year now. I love it! I have the 72 pack at home and love the peace of mind knowing that I have the 24hour kit with me wherever I go. Like the other reviews, this is a larger bag but the versatility of the bag and the efficient use of the space definitely make up for it. I have been using this bag over a year almost every day and the size is really not that big of a deal. I got the full kit with all the cards and I love all of them. My daily use bag use I use the tech card as I am a grad student and my 15" Macbook Pro fits perfectly. The extra pocket is great for my charger and my adapters. I did have a problem a few months using the bag where the stitching ripped on the tech card but customer service is exceptional and I got the replacement in days. I have been using the replacement for a year now and no problems with the new one. The toiletries bag and clothes card are perfect for travel. I also love the camera card. It fits my Nikon, an extra lens, my go pro, go pro stick, and extra batteries and cords comfortably. The waterproof material is also great. I've been caught in pouring rain multiple times and everything inside the backpack was bone dry. Only thing I wish they would have included a mesh pocket on the side for water bottles. Other than that I love this backpack and the durability of the material. I've had daily use packs in the past that would have already had holes in it.

Another Outstanding Product + Continued Amazing Customer Service!

Previously I purchased the Seventy2 and The Zeus and can't recommend enough! I also decided to purchase the 24Seven as each day I don't always know where I'll end up and loved the idea on paper having a modular and organised bag that could be modified for each days needs. I purchased the Shell with a custom order of cards to match to how I would personally use the system. I knew before receiving the product it would be fantastic as the Seventy2 and Zeus, but was still surprised with how good the 24Seven is! The card system is fantastic and using it really does make life easier, but also really easy to change for different situations! Although as mentioned in another review the 24Seven is a bigger bag, especially being similar dimensions to the Seventy2, however I feel this works perfectly and to the systems advantage as the space has been maximised and continues to give you flexibility with how you want to use the system, especially with either day to day activities or even using a suitcase/carry on. To wrap it all up one of my favourite things that is included is the survival card that comes as standard, and is a brilliant idea to include, especially in such a discreet manner; not to forget wrapped up in its waterproof shell! It isn't just the product that is amazing the customer service is outstanding and has been from start to finish, and is a great example for other businesses how it should be done! I couldn't recommend enough Uncharted Supply Co as whole!!!

Peter C.
Excellent system, but really big

I just finished using my 24Seven for a 9 day trip to Europe, and loved it! Some observations: 1. It's BIG. The proportions make it look smaller, but it's the same size as a roller carryon. It's very comfortable for its size and weight, even without the belt strap. As much as I like it for travel, it's too big for a daily bag. It's big on the outside and it encourages me to bring too much stuff. I would love an identical bag but 5/7 scale - 5" x 10" x 15". 2. The cards are great for organizing, but not perfect. The tech and travel cards are long enough to get in the way of the Dopp card. And with the travel card, the card extends out beyond the netting, wasting space. I would prefer a double-sided packing cube with the same attachment points at the bottom. 3. I wish either the tech card or main organizer had slots for pens. I look forward to seeing what future cards they come up with. Product aside, the teams doing customer support and social media at Uncharted are exemplary and I wish more teams learned form their example.

5 Stars!

I have been looking for a Go Bag/ stocked survial kit for some time now. I saw the Seventy2 Survial System ad and checked out Christian's video explaining everything. With the Holiday special code I couldn't resist so I bought it! It came professionally packaged exactly like it was advertised and fully stocked. I asked a question after I purchased it, and received outstanding customer service. I haven't had to use it, but it definitely gives me piece of mind and confidence knowing I could survive something with the help of this pack. I fully support Uncharted Supply Company, and I will be ordering more items from their store!