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Meet your new adventure partner.

Over a year in development, the Triage Kit is our most personal product to date.  Transformative construction. Featherweight design.

You'll simply never leave home without it.

The right product did not exist. Until Now.

We interviewed over 100 outdoor experts to understand what they carried with them on a daily basis. The right product didn't exist, until now. 


Our kit is so lightweight, you won't even realize you have it on you. It's less than half the weight and 1/3 the thickness of competitive products.

Complete Coverage. Under 150 grams.

10 UCO Storm Matches

6 Fabric 1x3" Band-Aids

5 Curad Blister Bandage

4 8" Zip Ties

2 Fabric 2"x4" Band-Aids

2 Safety Pins

2 Asprin 2/PK

4 PDI Lube Jelly 2.7g

2 Wound Closure Strips 1/4"x3"

1 Flat Pack 5yd Duct Tape

1 3' 22 Gauge Wire

1 Emergency Blanket 52"x82.5"

Best in Class Durability.

Made from high-tenacity 30D double-ripstop nylon military surplus parachute fabric, we took it a step further and coated the interior, protecting from internal abrasion as well as external. 

Fits Anywhere.

tapered edges and slim package design create a form factor that fits your day.