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The 24Seven

Expertly designed to keep you safe in an emergency situation, while adapting to your everyday needs whether traveling, exploring, learning, or working.

The 24Seven features our new CARD system, allowing complete customization of the 24Seven to your day. 

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24Seven - Complete Kit

Designed To Protect You & Your Gear

We built the 24Seven with the same great 600D coated tarpaulin that made our Seventy2 famous.  Instead of a roll-top, the 24Seven utilizes a clam-shell design and waterproof zipper, allowing you quick and easy access inside.  Our CARD system transforms the 24Seven to your day. So whether you’re headed out for an overnight photo safari, a full day of classes or you're a professional who goes from the gym to work to dinner before returning home at night, The 24Seven is a perfect solution to protect your gear, and to protect you...

Once inside The 24Seven, a survival kit and color coordinated expert instructions are designed to get you through 24 hours of an emergency.  

Tucked away in it's own pocket, you won't even notice the survival kit is there - until you need it.  It includes a space blanket, water filter, air mask, first aid kit, glow sticks and matches.  All TSA approved and all ready at a moments notice, without compromising space inside your kit.

24Seven Modular Backpack and Survival Kit
  • 24Seven - Shell Only
  • CameraCard for The 24Seven
  • Pet Kit for The 24Seven
  • TechCard for The 24Seven
  • TravelCard for The 24Seven
  • DOPPCARD for The 24Seven
  • DRYCARD for The 24Seven
Looking to Refill Your Bag?

Our insert refills replenish your survival system with essential gear so you’re always fully prepared for anything.

Buy in Bulk and Save

Get blanket peace of mind when buying Survival Systems for families and groups of people.


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