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Greg and Laura Bennet

If there ever was a power couple, you’re looking at them. Often regarded as the “Fittest Couple in the world”, they hold more national, International, and olympic championships than we have room to list. Careers as consistent and long-standing as theirs are rare, and when you look at what set them apart, it was truly preparation and focus that made them competitors day in and day out.  

From their website: It is not just the individual success of these two athletes that is special, but rather the success as a married couple in one of the most demanding sports in the world. Both Greg and Laura Bennett have worked on the course as individuals and off the course as a team for over a decade. Their performances at Olympics Games, Goodwill Games, World Championships and the worlds largest professional prize purse events are unsurpassed. Their accomplishments are a result of their dedication not only to their sport but also to the support of each other on and off the course.