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When ounces and comfort count, count on us. Our gear is designed to be everything you need and nothing you don’t.

The Park Pack

For the biker, hiker, fisherman, hunter, walker, climber, and explorer. This hip pack is lightweight and narrow - somewhere between “supportive” and “I forgot I had it on.” The Park Pack is designed to give you the protection you need, without interfering with the pure experience of your adventure. 

$182.00 - $227.00


  • Billy Demong

    Olympic Gold Medalist, Father
    As a father, a youth coach and an everyday outdoorsman the Triage is an essential piece of gear that’s with me all the time whether in my truck or on me in my Park Pack.
    - Billy Demong
  • Julian Carr

    Pro Skier, Founder of
    Whether it's Uncharted First Aid kit, Zeus Power System, Park Pack, or the Seventy2 Pro Survival Kit.. from the design you want to have Uncharted, but when you really need Uncharted you don't care how it looks, but Uncharted has that figured out too, it's exactly what you need in extreme situations. Whether it's preparedness or survival - Uncharted has got you.
    - Julian Carr

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