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The HWY8 Hat
The HWY8 Hat
The HWY8 Hat

The HWY8 Hat

Growing up in Wisconsin, flannel was as common as the evergreens that lined the backroads we took home everyday. Our grandpas wore flannel, and our dads wore flannel. Day in, day out - it was about unpretentious function and reliability. Today, in a sea of lumbersexuals, we want to bring back the pieces that work. The pieces that you trust when SHTF.

Named after Wisconsin’s Highway 8, the universally accepted beginning line of The Northwoods, this wool blend flannel with fleece lining is your new go-to when the temperature dips and the action heats up. Independent lab tests show simply wearing this hat improves your ability to start a fire, find clean drinking water, change a car tire, and quickly determine true north without the use of a compass.

*no independent lab tests have actually been performed and results may vary.

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